2011 Blizzard Fake-Out

It's been a long time since I really posted any updates. For good reasons, I just haven't had time. I've transitioned into a life of balancing work and motherhood. It's confusing and stressful to say the least. If I ever had much time around the house to write, it's short lived and few and far between. I'm fairly busy at work so I can't fit in a blog. I typically eat lunch while I work, or take a short lunch because I have to make up time that had been spent pumping through out the day. So, as you can infer, writing just does not fit into the picture much these days.

You may now be asking yourself why I'm writing now. You see, we've just experienced the 2011 Blizzard Fake-Out. For those of us in the immediate St. Louis area, we were supposed to have a blizzard and ended up with about 3 inches of ice, no-to-minimal snow [I am still hoping to have power despite this fake-out, ice on the lines with heavy winds scares me, watch out Eva, you may have company]. Yesterday I stayed home because of the ice, but today I came into work (compliments of Chris' four wheel drive). I am currently one of about eight people. I figure I can use this time to catch up.

With that said, be sure to head over to baby-blog to catch up on the latest of Dano-dano since I plan on posting today.

As for the rest of us, we're doing good. About a week ago we had 9 inches of snow, you should have seen poor Bella going outside. She used her chest to barrel through the snow, and the poor thing didn't want to squat to pee (would you want to shove your tush into freezing snow to take a leak?). We were excited with the aniticipation of 20+ inches of snow, something to rival the blizzard of 1982. It just didn't pan out for us. Others in the Missouri and Northern Illinois area did see the blizzard, but not us. We were, to say the least, a bit dissappointed.

Since I can't really talk much about how exciting this blizzard is (either positive or negative excitement), I figure I'll go back in time to 1982! I was 3 years old when that storm hit so my memories are vague, but I do recall a few things. I remember being bundled in a snow suit, making a giant snow ball with neighbors, and my mom getting a ride to work with her boss. I have very fond memories of that snowfall. Were you around for the 1982 blizzard? What do you remember about it?

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