Christmastime 2011

While this wasn't Dani's first Christmas, I like to think of it as her first REAL Christmas since she was just over a month old in 2010 and could only see lights. This year, she could play with and enjoy her presents as well as the lights, the tree, the ornaments, and family gatherings. While I haven't written anything over there on the Baby Blog, be sure to pop on over in the near future as I'm sure to include some highlights!

As for my Christmas, aside from the virus my computer got (from a blog they say?), the cold that I got (not terrible though) and the teething Dani is suffering (molars, what a bitch!) it was great.  I got an amazing new sewing machine from Chris and a great sewing basket (that is to be my next project) from my mom.  I got some gift cards, pajamas, a bracelet made by my Uncle Kirk, and of course some delish food and time with friends and family.  Festivities are actually not over yet either.

I should also mention, while this isn't something I got for Christmas, it was something that I received around Christmas, and that was news that I passed my Professional Engineering Licensing Exam, which officially makes me a licensed engineer in the State of Missouri.  We celebrated at work!

A lot of people have asked me how this changes things for me.  For starters, it's a huge relief, one thing marked off my list, one less test I have to take (yes, I still have more testing for some specific other states), and a bit of an accomplishment for myself as I get to add the letters PE to the end of my name and remove the EIT.  In terms of work, it may mean little for now as I don't have any Missouri projects that I can sign and seal drawings for at this time.  Perhaps in the future I will add some states or projects for which I am responsible and then I will sign and seal drawings.  Pay doesn't really change for me, nor do my tasks, but they could potentially for the future.  One thing though that has changed, I personally can be sued.  Before I was working directly for a PE, who was the responsible party, now I am.  That's not so great, but oh well, with all good things there are some bad things.

Now, onto other things, like sewing...here are a few pictures of things I've made recently, new gifts, and planned projects...

Insulated Horseshoe Tote with magnetic closure given as a gift

Insulated Lunch Tote with button closure made with scrap materials

My new Bernina sewing machine!

Plans for my sewing basket - making inserts

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