Up In Arms

Today, official news spread that Albert Pujols, long time St. Louis Cardinal's hero has signed a deal with another team.  I'm enjoying the controversies, everyone seems to be up in arms over the  $250,000,000 deal.  Some people are commenting how a single person should not earn that kind of money, and if so, it should be teachers and nurses.  Others say, good for him, it's not as if I have never made a choice based on economics.  I can't really say much, other than the fact I am happy we still have Yadi.  I have my opinions and I care not to share them here.  This is one of those topics like politics, religion, the "true" Arbogast  potato salad recipe, and child rearing.  Mum's the word!

But, I thought, since everyone is so up in arms during a time when we should really be more positive and thankful for what we have rather than negative about what others have, I would default to something I started doing years ago, listing some of my favorite things that get me by.

  • The decorated "blue line" Metrolink with it's blue ornaments.
  • Sewing, in fact, making Dani her first holiday dress.  I'd call it a Christmas dress, but it's gray, blue, and white, and has snowflakes on it.
  • Having two functional hands!
  • Having two functional legs!
  • Working a simple 8 hour day and going home to a relatively calm and mediocre life.
  • Doritos when my throat is sore.
  • My pink double layer plastic cup with lid and straw that has a tiny crack in it.
  • Cake pops (nom  nom)
  • Baking, in fact, what I plan to do a lot of this season
  • Getting tweets
  • The "Walking in a Orgy (ahem, 4G) Wonderland" commercial

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