The night before last I had a nightmare about being trapped on a flooding island.  That may very well have spurred from a book I'm reading, or show I've watched.  But why the dramatics?

Last night I had a nightmare that I can't even really remember, but I woke up twice, once with sweat pouring off my face and down my neck and the next time I just recall sitting up in bed to shake myself awake long enough to lay back down and stare at the clock for about 10 minutes.  What was I dreaming?!?

It's funny to me, that now that I am getting some sleep on a regular basis, that I can not really get sleep.  It's as if my body has decided to retaliate to the goodness sleep brings.  As if my body says, "I'm too good for all that none sense, I don't need it like the rest of the weaklings".  I want to say, "no-no, you DO NEED it, see those dark circles under my eyes, the headaches, that's what happens". 

In any case, I'm exhausted.  The exhaustion brings on a whole slew of other symptoms.  While I've always had haunting dreams, anxiety dreams, odd recurring dreams, I've managed to go on in life adapting to the little sleep I get from them or simply the unconscious understanding that they are dreams and can hurt nothing other than my fragile mentality which can be overcome in the right circumstances.  But nightmares where I feel trapped or endangered and only wake up at just the right moment...those are just painful sometimes and then I can not go back to sleep.

Do you often have nightmares, anxiety dreams, haunting dreams, recurring dreams?  What are they of?  Does talking about them help anyone?  Does anyone have a theory on what they may mean?

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