Eye Contact

Today was a beautiful day; sunny, warm, and breezy (that's an understatement).  I went out at lunch to mail something and to escape the office.  It's a change to leave my desk where I eat breakfast and lunch.  I relished it though, the opportunity to take some deep breaths and fill my lungs with fresh cool air that smells of early spring.  That smell that is so hard to describe, the smell of fresh grass and early blooming flowers that are barely fragrant but just enough to sense them.  I miss those days.  A few years ago I walked every lunch, where I'd make my way to one of a few favorite spots to snack and read for 20 minutes and spend the rest of my hour walking.  I have only recently gained the opportunity to continue that routine, and it may perhaps be the thing that saves my sanity, again.

I noticed when I was walking that I do something I may have always known about but not really acknowledged.  When I walk by someone, I tend to give them a small nod and smile...but I almost do it to such a degree that I force them to make eye contact.  Perhaps it stems from my paranoid behavior of scanning anyone I meet on the street so that I may identity them in a police line up.  Or maybe it's my need to be seen and known.  Maybe I am just very kind and I want people to know I am saying hi to them.  Nah, probably not that last one.

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