There's A Devil in That Car!

I had the strangest nightmare last night, though I guess strange would apply to most nightmares.  I cannot recall how it started but I know there was a famous man (an actor or musician) who was once a truck driver before fame.  He was hiding/running from someone, and the only way to quietly travel across the country was in a semi truck.  There he is driving along a rural town when he has an "accident".  The truck rolls to one side and metal rips from the sides exposing him as the truck skids and rolls.  He somehow manages to survive, unlatches himself, climbs out of his truck, bloody and hurt.  He crawls to a home near the road, sitting on the lawn when a noise in the distance gets people's attention.  Suddenly, at a cross street about 100 feet away, a woman is shouting and pointing, "there's a devil in that car, there's a devil in that car", and then, the colorful car screeches around the corner, flattening the woman to road kill and swerves around the corner.  Now I, a standerby this whole time, can see the devil.  A person maybe, in a hideous mask, so scary I can still see it while awake.  Lumpy exagerated features, pointy nose, almost beaklike, with pointy teeth in thin lips smiling out at us.  The yellow eyes I see instantly do not see me, so I grab the man and pull him to the side of the house just moments before the devil drives straight into the already messy wreck in the road, perhaps to finish the famous man off not knowing I have him.  I help the man up and push him along, find an unlocked door to the home and go inside.  It's a small white single story home with green carpet and dingy walls.  No one appears to be inside, so we hide in a pantry.  Hiding is to no avail, the devil that I can now see is a monster in human form finds us, shoots the man in the head point blank between the eyes.  He then turns to me, tilts his head and smirks, and then I'm awake, startled and sweating.

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