Day Late Buck Short

This whole day so far is screwy. For starters, I woke up 8 minutes late, still dreaming. I scrambled myself and Dani together. I needed to leave early to refuel the car, but instead left about 7 minutes late. I assumed as my day was rough I would be stopped by a train, instead I was stuck behind a semi the entire way to Holly’s house to drop off Dani. The entire way, down to the side street we use. It’s okay, we showed up about 5-7 minutes late to Holly’s to find out they had just awaken. So, I wasn’t the only one who slept in, it’s an epidemic. From here, I drop off Dani, skip refueling and break a few laws to get my butt to the train station in time to catch my regular train and hopefully not have to run. I’m about one minute late and he’s about one minute early. I start to run. I think to myself, “let it go, you’re day is fucked, just let it go”. He does something weird, he waits for me. So, I run.

In the end, I’m here at work at my normal time, I’m sure Holly’s kids will get to school on time, and all will be normal with the world, but damn, what a start.

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