Miss You Sherbs!

There's a million other things I should be doing right now...cleaning, grading, finishing projects; but the only thing I can think to do is to say good-bye to you, Miss Sherbert.  Sure, she's almost seems like a fictional character.  I have never met Miss Sherbert, only read about her.  But I do have her photo, and that's something,, right?!  Shame on me for being late with this, it's a shame that sometimes life gets in the way of the really important things.

Today, by coincidence, I checked Facebook to see a post by Urban Bulldog about Lunchbox, one of the new (but not newest) additions to the UB family.  I clicked on it, went right to the blog and stopped dead in my tracks, wind knocked out of my chest, tears rising in my eyes, and anger at myself for not having done this sooner.   I saw the words "In Memoriam: Miss Sherbert".

I had known by reading past blogs that Sherbie wasn't well.  I also knew that her age was unknown and that she was a rescue, so who knows how poorly she was treated in her past how-many-years.  I also know, as with all pets (and people), that time comes.  It doesn't change the fact that as a person, I just hope beyond hopes that everything turns out okay.  It only sometimes does.  I am terribly heartbroken by the news that Sherbs has passed on...

So, you'll have to read the blog, because it's great.  It's entertaining, lovable, and even heartbreaking.  But I can tell you that Sherbs, who was a non-fiction character, will live on in many fictional stories I tell Dano.  She's a superdog with a cool name who is friends with Ri and Bel, our own superdog fiction based on non-fiction characters. 

I can say this, as tears roll down my cheeks at the loss of Sherb, I really feel like I've become virtual friends with Engineer Dan and KTH.  I remember when I found out that our neighbor Pat had passed away; had it not been for someone saying "Buddy's dad", I would have been confused.  But I knew Pat because of his dog and befriended him through Buddy; just as I feel like I have with ED and KTH.  So, though this is belated, I am sorry for your loss, and you are so lucky to have had the time with Sherb, as she was lucky to have found you!

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KTH said...

Thank you for this nice post about Miss Sherbs (and sorry it took us so long to find it!). We truly feel that Ri & Bella and all the dogs on UB are our virtual pet family too!
Hugs and Slobbers,