Third 5k Run for MEHS

A few years back, I started exercising regularly, and even started to run a few 5k's for entertainment, and a sense of accomplishment.  Then I had Li'l D, and there was the whole time I was pregnant and then breast feeding that I just didn't really exercise (let alone jog).  Having no excuses, I started exercising again on and off since March, and really kicked it up to regular stuff in July.  I feel better in general, as I would assume most people would.  I'm even back to 5ks.  In fact, I beat my previous time by a whole minute!  I suppose what is significant is that I didn't walk any of this 5k, and met my goal of under 40 minutes.

2012 Metro East Humane Society (MEHS) 5k:  36 minutes 48 seconds