Blessing Baskets

The past two Christmases my mom has bought me baskets; each basket for the purpose of making a sewing box.  Unlike most people who would go to a store and buy a traditional sewing box/basket[image], my mom chose to buy baskets from The Blessing Basket and then allow me to decorate and modify as I see fit to make my own sewing box.  As I know my mom doesn't shop online, I must assume this organization brought their display to the hospital where she is employed.  If you happen to see a Blessing Basket display, perhaps you could check it out as well.

2011 Basket
2011 Basket - Inside: Organized Chaos
2012 Baskets

Last year my basket came with a note about what the Blessing Basket was in addition to a note from the maker herself.  This year was similar except I actually went to the website this time to find out what the Blessing Basket was really all about.  http://www.blessingbasket.org/

According to the website, the Blessing Basket is "a certified nonprofit organization" having one goal to "lift the artisans we serve out of poverty". They say that they pay their weavers "a Prosperity Wage, which is significantly beyond fair trade, in fact more than anyone else in the world". "Our mission is achieved when the artisan uses their Prosperity Wages to graduate from our program into a life of sustainable financial independence."

It's a nice thought that something my mom bought is helping others, and so, I'm glad to fill as many baskets as I can with all of my frivolous sewing things.  I have always tried to do the right thing by people; I try to give as much as I can to others, I don't take from those more needy, and I always try to make the best decision I can given the information I have at the time; something I picked up from my mom.  Yet again, she shows how wonderful a person she is by simply getting me a very honorable gift.  (Or, perhaps she knows me so well she tries to avoid things made in China and ran out of ideas, but, I like to think it's mostly part A and just a dash of B).

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