Most Memorable Gift

I'm having one of those days where I've learned it's best to put my headphones in, put my head down, and ignore the world. When I'm overwhelmed I become surly. That is in fact one of my nicknames, Surly. So, I just ignore people so not to offend. You might be wondering why I'd take time to write a post in my surly mood. Well, I entered a contest where I simply had to answer a question. I knew the answer before I finished reading the question. Even though the answer made me a bit sad, the thought of the gift made me very happy!
The question: what was your most memorable holiday gift ever?

My Answer: My most memorable gift was a cassette tape recorder I received as a child (maybe 4 years old, I loved gadgets back then too).I used that recorder for countless hours of fun with my friends creating our own radio show and made up songs for many years.I would say though, more than that recorder, the most valuable part of the whole gift was the cassette inside.When I played it for the first time, it was “Santa” greeting me (an amazing thing all its own).Learning later that my dad couldn’t get Santa to sit still long enough to record a greeting, he recorded one for me in Santa’s place.Now that my father is gone, I’d pay a lot of money to get that cassette back so I could hear my father’s voice one more time.
Do you have a favorite gift?

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