The Art of Cleaning a Tea Mug

I'm prefacing this post with a couple of facts.  I am a clean person, I swear. I also really enjoy black tea.  So there you have it.  Please do not think less of me after reading this post.  (I am not a hippie).

I have a stainless steel tea mug that I received as a Christmas gift a few years ago.  I took the mug to work and have since used nothing but that mug.  I used to only drink tea in the morning, and then the habit became more and more intense and I now drink tea all day most days of the week.  Since I'm at work more than I'm at home, you can venture to guess from what mug my tea is consumed.

I'll skip most of the story here and cut to the chase.  My mug becomes very stained over constant use.  Though I rinse and wash the mug at work with mild detergent, it simply does not appear clean.  The stains become thick enough for me to scratch them!!  Gyack!

A while ago I found the best way to clean it was to take it home and use some simple baking soda and elbow grease (a really good abrasive sponge or cup scrubber) to defunk the mug.  It worked amazingly, better than any detergent I could imagine.

So I recently (today) brought my mug home and cleaned it, these are the results!


First Pass


So, really now, there you have it!

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