100,000 Miles

Today near the corner of Spring Avenue and Lebanon Road in Collinsville at approximately 6:30 PM (CST) my car's odometer hit 6 digits.

Purchased in August of 2002, my 2003 Toyota Matrix, affectionately named Jacob, has been on a few adventures.  Though not far, my car has toted me on a few trips; Chicago, Indianapolis, Kansas City, and a whole lot of places in between!  It has only managed to stay under the national 12,000 miles per year average by my diligent attention to use of public transportation or car pooling.

So, here it is, officially ten and half years later and my car has hit 100,000 miles.  I think I'll treat him to a new radio!!  (Probably a tune up as well)

In other things, if you have ever wondered what I do all day at my job, I found a video that talks about it (civil and structural engineering).  The downside is that Thornton Tomasetti is all over the place (as it's the engineer's employer).  TT is a great company, and I have nothing against them, but I think there are a lot of great places out there that never get anything close to that kind of recognition and it would be nice to see it.  The other downside is that the guy never talks about all the other things engineers do...the "boring" stuff.  I can't imagine ANYONE would watch the video if he did tell you though.  So here you are...what I do as a structural engineer.

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