Some highlights of my trip to Indy today...the good and bad:

(-) A guy was a douche bag to me.
(+) That douche bag was told he was a douche bag (in other words) and replaced by a better person.
(-) "You are legally too short to use our ladders for what you needed to do"....huh? Thanks dude.
(+) I got to see my project of 5 years again, which I wasn't sure would happen unless I ended up in the hospital in Indianapolis.
(-) I had to see issues with my project of 5 years.
(+) I only paid $1.95 for a prescription this evening.
(-) I broke the camera (a very expensive work camera, ugh).
(-) My engine light came on about 40 miles from home.
(+) The engine light waited until I was close to home to come on and cause panic.

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