Useless Sharing

I've complained to the Twitterverse that I need a highlighter for so many things I read and then try to share.  Sure, in so many cases the article is enough; but in a lot of other cases, there is one sentence I really want people to read and my guess is, they'll miss it.  They'll let me down and miss it. 

Even worse is to know they read the sentence and didn't get it.  Usually I see that sentence as what should be the real thesis of the article, the antithesis of the article, or very amusing (usually, it's very amusing).

The whole problem with sharing anything is that upon sharing it, there's a good chance no one will read it.  If they do, they read the first few sentences only.  If they do read the whole thing, I'm damn impressed.  But I worry they missed the details.  Isn't there a saying that the devil is in the details?  Well, it's true.  If you miss the one funny sentence, the one line that makes a difference, what have you got?  Just a damn boring article your brain didn't process.  It's okay, we all do it.  I've also missed so many really important things while I was busy laughing at a bad pun no one else got, not even the writer/speaker. 

Want to know some science about reading articles?  Check out THIS article.  (I shared that article, it was serious and hilarious, and in true form, you haven't read far enough here to know to read that one).

Anyway, enough whining.  My whole point is that I'm sharing two things that either no one will get or no one will read.  Whatever, that's fine.  Break my heart and don't even try.

Both found at xkcd.com (with many thanks to @ibificus for introducing me to all the great comics).

http://xkcd.com/55/ This is my Valentine.

What If? What if we flew a plane in space?  I am absolutely in love with What If?...you don't even have to know me well enough to know why.  It's smart stuff with a lot of humor.  I wonder how many people start to read it and get bogged down with all those devilish details and miss out on so much of the humor.  Anyway, it's great, go check it out.  Also, follow @WhatIfNumbers on Twitter.

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