A Study in Jealousy

I admit I am a bit jealous.  You might be able to relate to my plight...

Books take me to worlds and eras I would otherwise be unable to visit.  I sometimes fall in love with the characters and places.  It is the safest form of love because there are no consequences nor expectations, no rejection nor fear.

Many years ago, when I began reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's tales of Sherlock Holmes I was entranced in the stories, falling in love with the characters of Holmes and Watson.  

In recent years, television shows and movies have made Holmes and Watson more popular fellows than they were ever before (this is not to say past shows and movies did not do the same, it merely affected me less).  The stories and characters have drawn Sherlock fans and newbies alike.  At first, I was happy to see this happening; I could share this excitement with the world.  I too enjoy the movies and programs, just as so many others.  As time has gone on though, I have grown jealous and possessive.  Sherlock Holmes and John Watson were MY characters to love.  Others could love them too, but behind the quiet barriers of a book.  Now, everyone is privy to them.  Everyone is privy to "Come at once if convenient; if inconvenient come all the same".

I suppose anyone could relate, he who has ever loved a book to then experience it as a very popular movie.  It is not to say this is a first for me either.  For some particular reason, I am bothered more by this than others in the past.  There is little to do about it so I shall digress while all the while remaining quietly jealous.

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