A week ago this time (December 3, 2014) I was coming home early from having just been laid off from work.  It was the first time in a long time I found myself unemployed and without a plan.  It was/is terrifying and I've had panic attacks every night.  I tried to keep a routine to prevent myself from falling into a nasty spiraling depression.  That's not to say I wasn't depressed because I certainly was.  I was really depressed but I know I get worse so I did whatever I had to to stay out of it.  As I'm a bit of a workaholic by nature (it only stems from guilt from sitting idle or feeling like I'm not being productive), I gave myself projects.  A few of them were things I was working on anyway, like sending Christmas cards.  Others were things I planned to do but stepped it up a notch.  I even volunteered at Lil Bit's school.  I also followed up leads from people about job openings.  Let me take a side bar here to tell you how amazing people are...I give mankind a bad rap but there were/are people coming out of the wood work to help me.  People I haven't talked to in ages reached out to me to offer whatever they could; job postings, hugs, advice, whatever....I was truly amazed at how kind those close to me and even far away could be.  I would hug each and every person if I could, from the person that says, "sucky news" to the person that pretty much did most of the leg work to help me find a new job.  So thank you, any of you that read this...you will honestly never know how much it all meant to me.

A week later, things are looking way up.  Silver linings are sparkling like never before.  This time off allowed me to spend time with my little one; to sew her a dress she's been asking for; I have in fact finished most of the Christmas cards; and my ugly Christmas sweater is mostly done.  But even more great news is that I received a very decent job offer today from a former employer that has asked me to return in the past.  Not being ready to leave the company I had been working at I declined 2 offers from the New Place within the last 3 years.  New Place found out about my termination and extended the previous offer to me (when it seems the could have very well cheated me, they didn't).  So I'm excited to say that I am back in business.  Even better news is that I can continue to take the rest of the year off.  I might add that the only real great thing about being unemployed is the free time.  Seems I get a little of both worlds without the panic attacks.

Now, if you are wondering about the dress...well, Lil Bit has been wanting a wedding dress to play in...so here it is!

Front with veil

Back with veil

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