RIP Dear Riley

I'm extremely, extremely, extremely, heartbroken today at the loss of Riley, my pal and provider of solace.  Ri was an amazing dog (perfect really), a loving friend, and all around great and gentle creature; there are too many wonderful and funny things to say about him but I want to be selfish and keep them all to myself for now.  I want to hang onto the few sacred things that made him mine.  I also don't think I can get the words out...spoken or written.  He's everywhere with me...from my mouse pad, to my computer desktop screen, and the fur clinging to my clothes...and while he isn't here now to give me comfort which he did so well I hope these remnants of him (which are painful at the moment) continue to remind me how lucky I was to have had him in my life and warm my heart.

The whole family as well as our now lonesome bulldog Bella, miss him greatly and life will certainly be different without him.  It will be hard to walk into the house today and not see that beautiful friend.  Rest in peace Bubby.  My heart aches without you.

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