This is all so mundane, but if you really ended up hear to keep tabs, see my last post on why I am doing this...(besides of course, to break the tedium).

This week's activity is to take a photo of something I am grateful for and post it to social media with an explanation, this to be done at least twice this week.  I honestly feel like I could do this a few times a day all week...there's constantly something popping up...but worry not.  I will not be one of those people that posts only around the holidays (every day) on the "I'm thankful for ..." kick.  I like it, but, ugh, yea, enough already.

Of this great list of things many are functional (like heat and clean water) and some are frivolous (like my favorite pink scarf).  I take most all things for granted as we are all prone to do, and I don't know that I can pick any one or two out as THE ones.  I could go the route of saying, "ignore the ones that we should all be grateful for and pick personal things" or I could go big-picture items as in the things no one notices is under their nose until it's gone...so I wonder, do I go with those that so many are without (practical well engineered infrastructure) or silly (Staedtler Lumocolor correctable pen) or even mushy/personal (name of friend here)?

What would you choose?  What thing are you grateful for?

Just a small list I started but probably won't pick from because most of them are too mushy/personal...
  • My ears so I can hear my child's voice (especially when she breaks out into song at some random time (not unlike her mother)); and also so that I can hear music because it honestly puts me in a great mood and so many times more than not, motivates me.
  • My eyes so I can see my beautiful child; and so that I can easily read and drive and function without the inhibitions of blindness.
  • My mom, for which I cannot imagine life.  She's my solace.
  • My lovely bulldog Beastie who lets me hang on her.
  • My gigantic pink calculator, how else would I do my job? (Don't even suggest I do math in my head).
  • My reliable car so that I can go the places I need and want to go.
  • Twitter because honestly it does kill the tedium (and I guess other reasons too).
  • A good book so that I can escape. (this but multiplied to a magnitude of some great number)
  • Certain people who shall remain nameless because it's almost torture to get me to tell someone how much they mean to me unless I can tell them in some stupid comedic manner, let alone announcing it in some public manner which leaves me vulnerable.

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