Silly Resolutions

If you follow me on Twitter and by any unlucky chance get to read my pointless and mundane tweets you will recall I bought an amazing planner for 2016 that has grid dot paper, 12 month layout with weekly layout, dry erase sheet tucked in nice folder, two stretchy binder bands, 3 ribbon bookmarks....really it goes on . I love this planner. One of the other things this planner has is a set of weekly tasks to perform.  They are wholesome tasks and this week's was to write a letter to at least 3 people that have changed my life in some way and thank them.  I did this and have them ready to be mailed in the morning.  Way to go, right? I won't deny that I feel better for doing it and I completely admit that it feels silly.  This week I even feel vulnerable.  There's just something awkward about this all but I'm going to continue with this to the best of my ability.  So if you see me being mushy or saying something that makes you/me uncomfortable....just know I'm getting this silly resolution done!  It makes me better and is there harm in telling someone how appreciated they are?

I also resolved to continue with my better eating/exercise routine from last year (which rocked), to write more things down perhaps here if not elsewhere, to mail more letters, to clean/unclutter the basement!  Wish me luck!

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