Automatic Transmission

A year ago this time I bought a new automatic transmission car.  

A bit of a background, I learned to drive on a manual transmission car. For a short period of time my mom had an automatic car that I would borrow and so, while I say I ONLY drove manual transmission, it's mostly true. I would borrow my mom's car when I went to places where I needed a more reliable vehicle than my old Ford Ranger...I had also rented some automatic transmission cars too...so, I mean,it's not as though I had NEVER driven automatic transmission vehicles, they just weren't my everyday usage. So anyway...

After having only driven a manual transmission car for a long time (skipping the real number there), up to last year, here is my one year assessment of the A.T.:
  • I STILL try to shift. Either my hand is floating and swinging at air over the space where my shifter used to be, or my foot is jamming into the floor board where my pedal used to be.
  • I forget to put the car in park often; lucky for me, the car is smart and won't turn off until it tells me over and over (...and over) that I'm not in park.
  • It is way less entertaining to drive but way better in stop-n-go traffic (my knees thank me).

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