Bacteria, Again

It's been a while since I wrote anything and I wanted to get something down about my daughter's birthday so I did that this morning on my kiddo blog.  (For reference, the kiddo blog is just something I do so I don't forget all the things I want to remember but probably will because my memory is poor).  In reviewing, I see the last stuff I wrote here and am amused by the previous post on this blog, Bacteria.  If I'm really writing things down so that I can remember them, then it's important to write down that I went to the doctor and had even more antibiotics this year after that post.  And, if you come here because it's post-election and I titled this "Bacteria, Again"....well it has nothing to do with politics or the election which I am purposely ignoring for reasons I'm just not getting into today.  Let's just not hate each other, okay?  Now, onto real bacteria...

Sometime in August the kiddo came home with a cold and she recovered quickly (as they do).  I caught the same bug and thought I recovered quickly.  Chris caught the bug and did not recover quickly.  He ended up at the doctor receiving antibiotics and other meds to treat acute bronchitis.  This was all taking place around the 10th of September around my cousin Sarah's wedding.  I had a cough at this time, but nothing that seemed serious.  A few weeks later though, the cough was worse and the sinuses were terrible.  Eventually it ended up in my left ear and I tell ya, one day of ear ache and no hearing was all it took for me to call the doctor and get in for meds.  I did at least recall that going to Walgreens was inefficient for me so I went to the actual doctor.  As it turns out, I did have an ear and sinus infection and after some antibiotics, lots of pseudoephedrine and about a 2 week recovery, I was feeling much better.  So there's that.

Back up to August and I had a totally different medical issue.  I sprained my ankle.  Okay, I'll be honest, I think I broke some bones in my ankle, foot, and leg.  I never went to the doctor.  I know, I know, save your shaming for later when I can defend myself in person (but will probably just ignore you until you drop it).  I was standing in the doorway that leads from our dining room to the garage.  There is a step down into the garage space.  I was talking to the kid about meeting me in the front yard to play wiffle ball.  She was whining about something.  I turned to take a step and my ankle rolled which cause me to also fall down the step into the garage...so it was both an ankle roll and a fall, which compounded the damage I had done.  As I fell the I pulled the door handle I was holding causing the door to slam.  The poor kid thought I was mad and slammed the door in response to her whining; it took her some time to realize anything had happened.  Finally realizing I was calling for her and knocking on the door for help she came to my aid.  She was a pro at helping me.  I was able to crawl to the couch where she gathered pillows, ice packs, and medication for me.  She offered to call an ambulance too (which I declined).  She was AMAZING!  My ankle, not so much.  I was unable to put weight on it for about 12 hours but following that, I was able to stand.  The swelling and bruising was so incredible that I was unable to wear shoes for a week, and even after that, nothing more than a loose sneaker for about 2 more weeks.  It's still in bad shape although I am now able to walk, run, and jump...but it hurts and swells...and the areas where it hurts most are the locations where I suspect I probably actually broke some bones.  It's healing though, and that's all I'll say about it. Here are some photos...you know, just in case you were curious.
August 20 About 2-3 hours after fall and icing/meds

About August 20 About 6 Hours later

About a week later

About a week later, general swelling and bruising

About 2 weeks later, slight swelling of ankle and top of foot, bruising nearly gone...

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